Here are listed a few of the most common questions directed toward the Commission.

What can be done about abandoned, derelict or unlicensed vehicles parked on public roadways or property?

A call to the Creston RCMP detachment (S/Sgt. Darryl Hammond, 250­428­9313) is required to register a formal complaint about an abandoned or unlicensed vehicle parked on public property. They will require an address, vehicle owner’s name if known, vehicle description, and old license plate number if available. A VIN number would also be helpful although it is not required. They will then investigate.

Is there anyone local who will haul away my old vehicle?Yes.

Howard Sempf, 250­225­3300.
Scrap King, 250­428­0851 (no charge for pickup)
Earl Betker, 250­254­0102 (no charge for pickup)
Kendall Johnson (Sandpoint), 208­304­3000 ( no charge for 4 or more vehicles)

What can be done about unsightly properties?

Currently there is no bylaw concerning unsightly properties in the Riondel area. RDCK area director Garry Jackman is looking into the feasibility of including Riondel and area under existing bylaws in place in other jurisdictions. Public input from the community, directed to the commission or Mr. Jackman directly, will be one requirement.

We will keep the public informed as this develops.

What can be done about barking dogs and other forms of noise pollution?

There is a noise bylaw that can be enforced in Riondel. Please call the RDCK bylaw officer,

Grace Allen, at 250­352­8174.

Read more about noise control bylaw here.

Who should I call regarding street light problems?

Please call the Riondel Commission office, 250­-225-­3262, or email with any concerns regarding street lighting issues in Riondel. Please include the address and problem in your correspondence.