Due to reduced natural inflows over the weekend, weather returning to seasonal levels this week, and a delay to flow increases from Libby Dam, the updated forecast for Kootenay Lake peak levels have improved since last week’s forecast.

FortisBC is advising local residents that Kootenay Lake levels are expected to increase to 1752 ft. at Queen’s Bay by June 3. Depending on weather conditions and natural inflows, Kootenay lake may exceed 1752 ft. later in June.

Please be advised that during this time, lake levels are predominately driven by natural inflows as a result of melting snow pack and precipitation, and the natural outflow constriction at Grohman narrows. In order to help mitigate peak lake levels, FortisBC has been operating the Kootenay River system at the maximum discharge since early March and will continue to do so until after the lake peaks.